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Bulletin of the Chinese Ceramic Society
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As the transactions of Chinese Ceramic Society, the Bulletin of the Chinese Ceramic Society is mainly oriented to the publications of policies, laws and regulations in silicate field and the reports of the achievements, developments and trends in science and technology in the field of inorganic material and its products (including glass, concrete, ceramics, building material, refractory, synthetic crystals, non-metallic minerals, composite material, etc.). It also spreads basic knowledge, explores and introduces the alternate course and edge course, and exchanges experiences of production techniques and enterprise management, based on these reported academic activities and science information. Furthermore, it is out to improve workers’ skills and abilities in the related fields of research, manufacture, education, design and management. Therefore it is mainly open to those who are working in science and technology, management, colleges and universities, and other related fields of silicate. The Bulletin of the Chinese Ceramic Society, a state core publication sponsored by Chinese Ceramic Society and Research Institute of Synthetic Crystals, has been collected in CA (US), China Academic Journals Database and Wanfang Data, and has been playing an important role in silicate field, having a significant number of readers at home and abroad.
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